Launch Event: The Black Book of Pushbacks

First edition of the 1500 page book on illegal cross-border pushbacks (GUE/NGL)

Today the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) are releasing a landmark publication on illegal border pushbacks. The ‘Black Book of Pushbacks’ brings together a wealth of evidence on these violations, analysing in detail the way that these brutal acts have become systematised at the external border and renewing calls to end impunity for perpetrating EU authorities.

A 1500-page ‘Black Book’ that documents the horrific violence suffered by over 12,000 people at the hands of authorities on the EU’s external borders has been released today – International Migrants Day – by The Left in the European Parliament. Compiled by BVMN and printed over two volumes, the ‘Black Book of Pushbacks’ is a collection of hundreds of testimonies of migrants and asylum seekers who have experienced human rights violations at external borders.

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New Pact on Migration – Policy Analysis

On 23rd September 2020, the European Commission presented its plans for the future of migration and asylum management in Europe. Whilst it has been widely acknowledged that an overhaul of the current system is imperative, the New Pact does little to quell concerns from INGOs, civil society groups, and human rights watchdogs. The Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) has decided to focus on independent border monitoring, pre-screening procedures and mechanisms that immediately follow for the purpose of this policy analysis. These indicate a system in which external borders will be fortified in the interest of accelerating decision making processes for new arrivals into the bloc. This policy analysis covers: Continue reading “New Pact on Migration – Policy Analysis”

Violence Within State Borders: Greece

This report initiates a new branch of our network that will document violence within a states borders, separate to cross-border pushbacks. Greece is the first case study in a bi-monthly series that will explore patterns and trends in states along the Balkan Route. Here, we look more broadly at violence in Greece before honing in on three focal points:

    • State run detention facilities
    • Lesvos after the Moria fire
    • The port of Patras.

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BVMN Visual Investigation: Analysis of Video Footage Showing Bosnian Special Support Unit Engaged in Violent Behavior Near Miral Camp

The following piece is a product of a joint-investigation on behalf of the Border Violence Monitoring Network. 


During the month of August, local initiatives organizing against the existence of an informal transit camp near the IOM-run transit center in Velika Kladuša heightened tensions within the Una-Sana Canton. In this time, people-in-transit have been cleared twice from the improvised shelters built around the official camp by authorities, but tensions have continued to climb. During this period, some locals began demonstrations which turned aggressive in some cases and violent in others.

By mid-August, there were regular demonstrations outside of the IOM-run transit camp wherein incoming buses would be stopped and searched for people-in-transit who, if identified, would be taken off and told to walk back in the direction they came from. Additionally, hateful Facebook groups amassed thousands of followers during this month, discussing ways in which to aggressively deal with people-on-the-move and aid volunteers living in the Una-Sana canton. Elsewhere, official cantonal policy refugees and migrants have shifted, wherein transit groups are actively being prevented from entering the Una-Sana Canton.

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