For a week now in Vučjak…

For a week now, local authorities have continued the transfer of people on the move staying in Bihać, BiH to the new jungle-camp located in Vučjak.

For a week now, people are removed from the town, while walking in the street or sleeping in their beds, by police patrol around the city.

For a week now, groups are spared if they don’t walk together, making them even more vulnerable.

For a week now, people staying in town are afraid to walk in the street, afraid of being taken by the police, afraid of being mistreated, afraid of being beaten. Continue reading “For a week now in Vučjak…”

New Footage of Push-Backs on the Croatian-Bosnian Border

Today, new video footage published by journalists from the Swiss media outlet SRF shows Croatian authorities engaged in the process of a collective expulsion. This video further increases the burden of proof against Croatian authorities who continue to deny their involvement in these illegal actions. This footage compliments previous video footage published in December by BVM demonstrating 54 collective expulsions, so-called push-backs, along the Croatian-Bosnian border. Continue reading “New Footage of Push-Backs on the Croatian-Bosnian Border”

Balkan Region – Report April 2019

No Name Kitchen, Border Violence Monitoring, [Re:]ports Sarajevo and Escuela con Alma have published a common report summarizing current developments in pushbacks and police violence in the Western Balkans, mainly in Bosnia-Herzegovina and along the Serbian borders with Hungary and Croatia.

As such, this report contains analysis and a review of the situation in these areas as well. In total, this report covers 41 case reports on border violence and collective expulsions. Continue reading “Balkan Region – Report April 2019”

Slovenian activists just published their “Report on illegal practice of collective expulsion on Slovene-Croatian border”

Recently, 30 Members of the European Parliament signed a letter demanding action after reports from Border Violence Monitoring, Are You Syrious?, Amnesty International, No Name Kitchen, Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) concerning the ongoing human rights abuses at the EU’s external land borders in the Balkan region. The MEPs demanded – amongst other things – to “monitor the use of EU funding related to asylum, migration and border management in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina”.¹

Continue reading “Slovenian activists just published their “Report on illegal practice of collective expulsion on Slovene-Croatian border””