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Donations to the Border Violence Monitoring Network

The finances of the Border Violence Monitoring Network are based on:

      • Funds from Foundations and Grants
      • Member fees from BVMN’s legal frame Rigardu e.V.
      • Donations from our supporters

Here you can find an overview of where BVMN’s funding comes from.

The network is run by volunteers and a small number of paid staff. BVMN makes use of it’s funds to employs five people on part time contracts, meanwhile another part of the budget is used to provide small travel reimbursements to unpaid volunteers working in the field. As a network, we depend on our members and their time, commitment, and energy to conduct our projects. But sadly, without further financial support the network will not be able to continue all the work it is doing. Find out how to support us below.

Donations with paypal

You can easily donate us through paypal

* for every donation paypal keeps 1,5 % + 0,35€ of your donation. If you have the possibility to make a transaction to an IBAN account, you can avoid the paypal fees (see IBAN below)

Donations to our bank account

Border Violence Monitoring Network is registered under its legal frame, the German NGO Rigardu e.V.

Your donation will only be used for the Border Violence Monitoring Network and will be directed to where it is most needed.
For donations, please use the following account:

Rigardu e.V.
DE22 4306 0967 6047 3109 01
Transfer Subject:
BVMN (+your information for receipts)

Contribution Receipts

As a non-profit organization we can issue contribution receipts. If a contribution receipt is required, please write down your address in the transfer subject.
On our news-site you can follow how the funds are used and what our volunteers are doing in the field.

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions regarding our finances and donations, please let us know: