Structure of the network

Areas of work

The Network is composed by volunteers from the different NGO partners, named focal points for BVMN. In the daily activities, they work in different teams which reflect the working areas of the Network:

BVMN structure

  • Reporting team: composed by reporters located in key geographical areas along the Balkan and Greek route. The team collects individual testimonies on pushbacks via¬† standardized methodology shared between all partner organizations working in the field
  • Advocacy Team: works to raise the attention of European parliamentarians, the Council of Europe and other key institutions on the chain of pushbacks along the Balkan and Greek route. The team participates in policy meetings at European and national levels, builds strategic alliances with NGOs and works with the objective to promote a human rights perspective in the policy discussions on border management and border control.
  • Web Team: in charge of managing BVMN information on social media, website and mailing lists.
  • Finance Team: dedicates its efforts to the administrative tasks and works to make the Network sustainable in the long term run.

BVMN decision making

The decisions within the Network are taken through:

  • a General Coordination team is tasked with day-to-day decision-making and uses consensus as a means of mediation. The General Coordination team is comprised of working group coordinators and key partner representatives. When decisions have a broader impact than day-to-day operations, they are referred to the General.
  • The General Assembly is the final decision making body for the network and serves as a shared platform for the members of the Network to meet and discuss the targets and the implementation of the project. This space is the channel of communication between the network-work partners to share information and guide the trajectory of the network.