“With tears still falling from his face, the uniformed men took the minor’s money while another man kicked him and just just ‘shut up’”

Injuries sustained during the pushback by a member of the group
  • Date and time: February 1, 2022 06:00
  • Location: From Kosti (BG) to Avcılar (TR)
  • Coordinates: 42.0579954, 27.7800404
  • Pushback from: Bulgaria
  • Pushback to: Turkey
  • Demographics: 5 person(s), age: 14 to 37 years old , from: Syria
  • Minors involved? Yes
  • Violence used: beating (with batons/hands/other), insulting, threatening with guns, theft of personal belongings, reckless driving
  • Police involved: 6 men dressed in green sage Bulgarian border guard uniforms; 2 black land rovers.
  • Taken to a police station?: no
  • Treatment at police station or other place of detention:
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: Yes
  • Reported by: josoor

Original Report

On the 1st of February at approximately 6:00 a 30-year-old Syrian male along with three other men and one minor were pushed back from Kosti, Bulgaria to Avcılar, Turkey. This was the respondent’s fourth pushback from Bulgaria to Turkey. 

On the previous day, the respondent and three other people-on-the-move (POM) were driven from Edirne to the Turkish-Bulgarian border. At around 23:00 that evening, they reached Bulgaria. With the help of the guide, the POM continued walking. After five hours of walking through the forest, the group of five took a rest for 15 minutes. Walking for another three kilometers, they decided to again take a break (see Image 1). Here, their journey would abruptly take a turn for the worse. 

Image 1: Apprehension point. Source: Respondent

Crossing a paved road near to their resting spot, the men and minor were stopped by the light of two cars. Four men wearing deep forest green jackets resembling Bulgarian border guard uniforms jumped out of the vehicles (see Image 2). On the backs of their jackets was reportedly written Border Police in English.  The respondent reported that they “came out with their guns from the other side of the road [as if] they were waiting for us. We couldn’t move or do anything…they caught us.” (See Image 3) 

Image 2: Sage Green Bulgarian Border Guard Uniforms
Image 3: Russian pistol

Now under the uniformed men’s  control, the POM and guide raised their hands in the air. The respondent reported that the uniformed men “immediately started punching us in the face and one of the men came and kicked my friend in the nose with his boots…they then kicked us to move us from the road to the forest.” During the initial beatings, the respondent reportedly kept saying to them: camp. The uniformed men gave no verbal answer, but the respondent speculated that his asking to be taken to a camp was “probably what made them more angry.” The uniformed men kept beating the respondent, regardless of what he said. The time was 4:00 am. 

Away from the road and hidden from any onlookers, the respondent then saw two additional men dressed in the same uniforms appear (see Image 2). The two men began questioning the POM. Reportedly, one of the two men dressed in green sage would ask a question “and then hit us with a wood baton…when we made a sound,  because of the pain they [would] laugh and sneer at us.” This questioning and abuse continued for around five minutes. Every man met the blow of the uniformed men’s batons, even the minor. “The man in the Bulgarian border guard uniform said to us: Money phone, no problem. No money, no phone…big problem.” The POM were addressed only in English. When one of the men discovered that the minor was hiding money, they slapped him and then kicked him. With tears still falling from the minor’s face, the uniformed men took the minor’s money while another uniformed man kicked him and told him [the minor] to ‘shut up’. The abuse continued for around two minutes. Shoes, phones, and money were taken. All together, 200 euros were confiscated from the group. None of their personal items were ever returned. 

Barefoot, the POM and guide were then forced to walk around 400 meters to the men’s vehicles. Both of the cars were black land rovers with Border Police written along the side (see Image 4). 

Image 4: Black Bulgarian Police land rover

The group was then loaded into the land rover’s two-by-two meter trunk. With all five inside the vehicle, the car began to move. During the 40 minute drive, the respondent reported that the combined freezing weather, limited space, and lack of windows made it extremely difficult to breathe. Driving fast and recklessly along an unpaved road, the respondent could feel the muddy ground underneath them as they drifted. With the car stopped, the five travelers got out of the trunk. The same six men dressed in sage green uniforms were present but were now masked in balaclavas. 

Near them, they saw the Bulgarian-Turkish border fence with a two-by-one meter door. Before pushing them back, the uniformed men reportedly forced two of the travelers to clean the vehicles’ tires. The other three remained seated on the ground with their hands on their hands. When the respondent raised his head to look around, one of the uniformed men reportedly kicked him and pointed his finger down – indicating that he should turn his focus back to the ground. When the two POM finished cleaning the tires, the men in sage green reportedly kicked them back into line with the others. This humiliation and beating lasted for around 30 minutes. 

The time was approximately 6:00 on the 1st of February. 

Turning their focus to the fence, the uniformed men pulled the lever to open the door and forced the POM and guide to crawl through to the other side. As they passed through, one of the masked men was slapping some of the POM on the head while saying: fuck you. All four POM and the one guide were pushed back. Barefoot and cold, the group began walking. After three hours, they ran into a lumberjack who pointed them towards Avcılar. Reaching the village after around two hours they were able to call for a taxi that took them the remaining way back to Edirne. 

When asked whether medical support, food, or water were offered during their captivity, the respondent said no. He explained further, saying that the men in uniforms: 

“gave us all [only] humiliation and the beating. Do we look [like] criminals? Did [I] hurt anyone? We lost our family. The little kid lost his parents in the war and he barely found hope to leave…[otherwise he would have died]. And, all we find is this. I’d rather [they] kill me than humiliate me in this way.”  

From apprehension to pushback the respondent only heard the uniformed men speak English and Bulgarian. No food, water, or medical support was offered nor were translators provided during their pushback. Neither photos nor fingerprints were taken.

Injuries sustained during the pushback by a member of the group