“The police opened the 'door' at the border and pushed the three adolescent back to Serbia”

  • Date and time: February 24, 2019 03:00
  • Location: Railway, near Kelebija, Hungary
  • Coordinates: 46.22439516174574, 19.6757636227519
  • Demographics: 3 male from Afghanistan, aged 13-15
  • Minors involved? Yes
  • Violence used: Physical violence: beating, kicking, beating with sticks, pouring cold water; psychological violence: insulting
  • Police involved: 8 police men, 4 security guards (with black jackets and hats)
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: No
  • Peculiarities: People involved in this incident were all very young minors (aged 13-15). In general, people in the area of Subotica often tell Escuela con Alma, that the game in trains near Kelebija is very dangerous because they face a lot of violence.
  • Reported by: Escuela con Alma

Original Report

In the night of the 24th February 2019 three adolescent from Afghanistan tried to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border near Kelebija and had to experience violence by Hungarian police and security guards and were illegally pushed back to Serbia.

The group started at 2am from a squat. They hid in a train which crossed the Serbian-Hungarian border near Kelebija. At 3am (in Hungary) 4 security guards searched the train and caught the group. Then, 8 police men arrived (it is not totally clear if the security guards called them). They pulled the adolescents out of the train in a rough way. Afterwards all three adolescents were beaten (also with sticks), pushed to the ground and kicked. The men also poured cold water over them – on a night with minus degrees outside. Furthermore, the police and security insulted them (e.g. “Fuck you”). Due to this violence the people were injured, and some clothes got ripped. The reporting person told that the violence lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

They were then brought with a car to one “door” at the Hungarian-Serbian Border. Their pictures and names were taken – but no fingerprints. Police did not check the Identity Cards of the Camps. The reporting person also told that the police took videos of them while being deported.

After pictures and names were taken the three people were deported to Serbia around 4:30am. The police opened the “door” at the border and pushed the three adolescents back to Serbia. As being told the Hungarian police did not call the Serbian police. The people had to walk back approximately 3 hours to the place where they are sleeping.

The 13-year-old had several small wounds on hands, face. Hematoma at the face. Body pain due to the kicking.

The 14-year-old person had wounds in his face and body pain.

The 15-year-old had body pain and hematoma and suffering from a cold due to the pouring of the cold water.