“We asked asylum to police, and they pointed a gun on us. We are not safe in our country, we just want a better future for our children.”

  • Date and time: January 30, 2022 07:00
  • Location: In Croatia, 35 km from Bihać, in close proximity with the border.
  • Coordinates: 44.886914086468, 15.476239218303
  • Pushback from: Croatia
  • Pushback to: Bosnia
  • Demographics: 4 people person(s), age: 25-35 years old , from: Cuba
  • Minors involved? No
  • Violence used: beating (with batons/hands/other), threatening with guns, dog attacks, theft of personal belongings
  • Police involved: 5 Granicna Policija, 1 prisoner van, 2 Interventna Jednica Policija in a police car.
  • Taken to a police station?: no
  • Treatment at police station or other place of detention:
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: Yes
  • Reported by: Anonymous Partner

Original Report

On the 30th of January 4 people have been pushed back from Croatia; they experienced different kind of violence and they are deeply traumatized.

On the 29th of January, 4 people from Cuba started their game from Bihać; they crossed the Bosnian and Croatian border passing through the mountain.

At 7 a.m. on the 30th of January, the group was caught by one police officer belonging to Granicna Policija; this policeman called other 2 officers from Granicna Policija who brought a prisoner van and loaded the people inside.

The 2 officers drove for few minutes, arrived in a spot and then other 2 officers, from Granicina Policija as well, took their place. These 2 new officers drove them closer to the border for other few minutes.

At that point, the 4 respondent saw one police car with 2 police officers inside. They came out of the car: there was one police woman and one policeman belonging to Interventna Jednica Policija. The man was wearing a black mask.

The 4 people were searched and police officers stole their phones, their money and their clothes included the shoes. After that, the police officer with the black mask beat them.

“We noticed they changed their mind as soon as they saw our money. They were ok before, but after they changed their behaviour and started to treat us very bad.”

Police took almost everything they had.

“We asked them to give our things back, but the police officer with the mask pointed a gun on us and said ‘just go’. We started to walk and then he released the dog, so we had to run.”

The 4 people went back to Bihać by foot without shoes; luckily some people helped them.

“We asked asylum to police, and then we were deported. We showed them our passport, we are not safe in our country. We just want a better future for our children.”