“One by one they were ordered out of the car and beaten with police batons”

  • Date and time: July 12, 2017 00:00
  • Location: Križ, Croatia
  • Coordinates: 45.806395760279, 18.907028763281
  • Pushback from: Croatia
  • Pushback to: Serbia
  • Demographics: 5 person(s), age: unknown , from: North Africa
  • Minors involved? Unknown
  • Violence used: beating (with batons/hands/other)
  • Police involved: 4 or 5 policemen; only 2 took part in beating
  • Taken to a police station?: unknown
  • Treatment at police station or other place of detention:
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: No
  • Reported by: Rigardu

Original Report

On July 12th, 2017, five people from North Africa were beaten up by the Croatian police. The police found them in a small city close to Zagreb. There were four or five police officers, they asked them where they were from, how old they were and their names. They drove them to the northern border in a blue police van without windows. They stopped in the forest close to Sombor. At this time there were only two border police officers. One by one the people on the move were ordered out of the car and beaten with police batons.