“They were approximately 7-8 police officers, who beat them”

  • Date and time: September 13, 2017 00:00
  • Location: Brdovec, Croatia
  • Coordinates: 45.879103100698536, 15.756699173437482
  • Push-back from: Croatia
  • Push-back to: Serbia
  • Demographics: 3 person(s), age: 25 , from: unknown
  • Minors involved? No
  • Violence used: beating (with batons/hands/other), destruction of personal belongings
  • Police involved: Croatian police
  • Taken to a police station?: unknown
  • Treatment at police station or other place of detention:
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: Yes
  • Reported by: No Name Kitchen

Original Report

On September 13th, the interviewee was caught, along with 2 friends, near the Slovenian border. The Croatian police took their mobiles and broke them. They were approximately 7-8 police officers, who beat them. He asked for asylum, but the police replied that they would not get asylum. They were deported back to Serbia in a van, 5 hours walking distance from Sid. He had been deported several times, 1 time from Slovenia and 2 times from Zagreb, as well as several times from villages on the Croatian side of the border, such as Vinkovci.