Webinar Event – Mapping Legal Struggles

Event Details
        • 11:00 – 12:30 CEST – Tuesday 28th September 2021
        • Zoom registration: here
        • Facebook live: Available on the day here

In September the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) released a new legal toolkit for applicants, volunteers, advocates and litigators. The guide maps possible legal complaint mechanisms on human rights violations at borders, at both domestic and European level. We invite you to join us on 28th September to a special webinar launch event where authors of the toolkit, Centre for Peace Studies and InfoKolpa, will join with other legal experts to share experiences, best practice, and propose some concrete actions that can be taken against human rights violations at borders and interiors.

        • Maddalena Avon, Centre for Peace Studies (Toolkit author)
        • Iza Thaler, InfoKolpa (Toolkit author)
        • Antonia Pindulić, Centre for Peace Studies (Legal advisor)
        • Milica Švabić, Klikaktiv (Legal advisor)

Through a collective discussion, we would like to briefly present the idea behind the toolkit, the main findings as a chance to share experiences sharing. In this webinar we invite participants for a creative brainstorming on how to improve and put in practice new legal methods and interventions.

        • 11-11:10: Welcome speech, presentation of the toolkit, goals and intentions
        • 11:10-11:30: Experiences from Slovenia – shared by InfoKolpa
        • 11:30-11:50: Experiences from Croatia – shared by Centre for Peace Studies
        • 11:50-12:10 Experiences from Serbia – shared by Klikaktiv
        • 12:10-12:30: Questions and discussion
A toolkit for change

The toolkit is a public resource which encourages people on the move, activists and civil society actors to engage in legal procedures and seek justice with the use of legal remedies. While we are acutely aware of the shortcomings of the legal systems and the grave injustices that remain unanswered even after engaging the highest courts, this webinar will open discussion between practitioners in the field of litigation, looking at the options available and relevant experiences of navigating legal proceedings together with people on the move. As one of the social groups with the most limited access to justice in Europe, it is extremely hard, impractical and precarious for people on the move to sue a country from which they have been violently and illegally pushed back.

To counteract this lack of access, the toolkit provides a range of resources for people on the move and supporters, including:

  • An overview of the available legal pathways at national, EU and UN level
  • Information on how to file complaints to ombudspersons offices and constitutional complaints
  • List of the deadlines imposed on lodging cases/complaints
  • A directory of legal organisations and supporters that can help
Strengthening public legal knowledge

The toolkit presented in this webinar event is a living document to be developed and enriched by discussion and shared experience. The speakers, who represent a range of BVMN members and key legal activists from the Balkans, will look at the state of play of national and European mechanisms, discuss local experience of triggering these proceedings and hope to develop our shared knowledge of legal mechanisms at borders. The event will also include a Q&A, allowing the public to pose comments and questions from their specific context.