“they had a baby ...they wanted to ask asylum in Croatia ...her mother has heart problem. But the police didn’t listen”

  • Date and time: September 1, 2017 00:00
  • Location: Croatia, in the Jungle
  • Coordinates: 45.1956170921632, 18.915023803710938
  • Demographics: 8 adults (one 61 years old with heart problems) and 3 children (4 years, 1 year and 8 month old) from Afghanistan
  • Minors involved? Yes
  • Violence used: Push-back, refused access to food and asylum
  • Was the intention to ask for asylum expressed?: Yes
  • What was the reaction to this intention?: the police officers didn’t listen and called for more police cars to come
  • Peculiarities: The family with two young kids, a baby and a elderly woman with heart problems were deported without meeting medical needs nor the right to apply for asylum. The pictures are from the place in the jungle, where they were found.
  • Reported by: No Name Kitchen

Original Report

D. and her family, including her children S., S. and S., and her mother

D’s children are respectively 4, 1, and 5 months years old, her mother 61 y.o


At the very beginning of September, they were 8 adults and 3 children : the police found them in the jungle. The pictures we have are from the place where the police found them.
They explained their situation and journey to the police officers : they had been waiting for a car during 3 days, they are hungry. They beg them not to be deported, that they had a baby, that they wanted to ask asylum in Croatia. She also explained that her mother has heart problem. But the police didn’t listen, and the police officers called for more police cars to come. No food was given to them.
They were driven back to Serbia, and dropped at the border around midnight. It was the 2 nd time they were pushed back.