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This website documents illegal pushbacks and police violence inflicted by EU member states and other authorities.

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The reports that make up this database have been collected by individuals working with the NGOs No Name Kitchen, Collective Aid, Re:Ports Sarajevo, Josoor, and Blindspots as well as independent persons. We also work closely with members Are You Syrious, Centre for Peace Studies, Info Kolpa, Disinfaux Collective, Mobile Info Team, and Mare Liberum in the field of research, media, and advocacy. In (humanitarian) support work for people-on-the-move at different locations in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia volunteers of the aforementioned organisations started to notice the effects of pushbacks and, increasingly, physical violence perpetrated against the people we were working with, which led to initiating the common testimony database.
Since we started documenting these cases in 2016, the frequency of such incidents has risen and the level of violence has reached shocking levels. In solidarity with the people suffering these abuses, we aim to bring their often forgotten stories to public attention and demand that these practices stop immediately.

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